Riverdale House Privacy Policy


Riverdale House is operating as a private nursing home and Privacy and Data Protection Rights are very important to us. In order to ensure that we offer as high a quality of care as possible we may ask you to provide some information about yourself – we respect your trust in us to use, store and share your information in accordance with new laws – including GDPR related legislation.

In this Privacy Policy, we explain how we collect personal information about you, how we use it and how you can engage with us about it. Please be assured that the personal information you provide to us will only be used to ensure that you receive the best possible care, that your data will be held legally, securely and in a compliant manner and that your information can only be assessed by those who require it for the delivery of our services.

Who we are

When this notice mentions “we” or “us”, we mean the Riverdale House Nursing Home Ltd operated by Mary Keane Storey ( Director) and Stephen Storey (Director) and includes staff employed by them.

Mary Keane Storey and Stephen Storey as Directors have overall responsibility for Data Protection within the Company and may be contacted by email or phone on the details given above ; by calling to the nursing home, or by writing to them at the nursing home address.

Enquiries about this Data Protection Policy

Enquiries about Data Protection should be made to:

Mary Keane Storey, Riverdale House Nursing Home, Blackwater, Ardnacrusha, Co Clare

Email to riverdalenursinghome@eircom.net Phone to 061 340525

Information Held

In order for us to administer your contract for care and to comply with our statutory responsibilities under the law the type of information we hold about you includes:

  • A photograph
  • A record of any accidents or incidents
  • A record of any complaints raised by or about you
  • Any correspondence to us about you/ Assessments.
  • Daily progress notes
  • Decisions by you not to receive or refuse treatments
  • Emergency contact information (including Next of Kin or other persons nominated by you)
  • Entry in the Directory of Residents which includes specific information about you/your Next of Kin (or another appointed person)
  • Your GP
  • Details about your admission or any temporary absence
  • Financial information in relation to your ‘Fair Deal’ contribution and any additional fees payable Invoices for care services provided
  • Medical Records Notification forms that we are required to send to HIQA
  • Prescriptions and Medication Administration Records
  • Records about your future wishes/Referral Forms (to and from Health Professionals e.g. hospitals, physiotherapists, dietitians, etc)

How we keep your Information Safe

We take appropriate measures under the laws that apply, to ensure your data is safe.


Website Cookie Policy Our website use ‘cookie’ technology. A cookie is a little piece of text that our server places on your device when you visit any of our websites or apps. They help us make the sites work better for you. The only function of cookies associated with our website is to track hits so as to monitor the parts of the site which are of most interest to visitors and to enable adjustments to be made to suit those requirements. No information is retained for any other purpose.

  • AntiVirus Software is used on all IT Systems
  • Encryption is enabled on all systems holding Personal Data
  • A Firewall assists against Network Intrusion
  • WiFi is secure

Document Storage

  • Documents are stored in a locked Office in Individual covered Files
  • Data is managed Safely and not left in areas where non relevant employees can access
  • Any data which might be viewed as in any way sensitive is stored in locked cabinets in the office of the Director or Director of Nursing


Printing is completed with Employee Pin Codes to ensure only those who should have access to the printed do so


We do not record or retain CCTV

Data Disposal

It is our policy to engage with a GDPR Compliant Professional Shredding Company and safety/securely dispose of the Personal Data we hold to ensure compliance – see section on Data disposal

Calls relating to Personal Data

If you contact us about your information, we may need to ask you to identify yourself and furnish proof of identity – this is to help protect your information.

How long do we keep your personal data?

All information about you is required by law to be held during the time you reside with us and for a period of time (see below) after you leave the nursing home, after which it will be destroyed by a recognised shredding company. All computer files will be deleted. Please refer to our Data Protection Policy for full details on how long we keep all files.

General Data Retention Policy (Staff)

We retain general training data and staff files for a period of 5 years

General Medical and personal Retention Policy (Residents)

We retain all medical file for a duration of 7 years

Revenue – 6 Years

Disposal of Personal Data

Once the period of stated storage is complete, or based on a Request to delete personal data (presuming we have no legal or statutory obligation to retain it) – it is our policy to have your personal date securely disposed of – through 3 monthly scheduled contracts with our professional shredding company.

This service will dispose of personal data:

  • Electronic Storage – including Hard Disks, External Hard Drives, Memory Sticks & Email
  • BackUp Data will be deleted also.
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